Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Afternoon Updaters

London Calling

SeanO'Sullivan has just reported in from Londaon and he did the great time of  3.17 Great running Sean Enjoy that pint.
Latest report from Rosarie is that she is going steady and feeling ok.

Stride by The Tide

Denis Kelliher continues his amazing streak and took 3rd overall today on a tough windy course Well done Denis.Other successes were
Neilus Aherne 3rd o/55 (and just jogging)
Donie O'Connell 1st O/60
Danny Mc Carthy 2nd O/60
Mdt News Mens 3rd Grade A


Michelle Wiggins 3rd o/35
Christine Murphy 1st O/40

Run By The Bride 10km Rathcormac

Brief Report

3rd Lady Sheila Buckley
4Th Lady Michelle Kenny
Margaret Rohan 1st O/50
Tom Cody 1st O/50
There may be others but this is as much as I have at present