Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cheetah Run 2012 – Instructions
Eagle AC is delighted to announce Laya Healthcare as joint sponsors of The Cheetah Run, along with John Buckley Sports. Since the initial event in 2009, Eagle AC has been striving to develop The Cheetah Run and the Club believes that sponsorship by Laya Healthcare will help bring the event to new level. 

Race Number

Race numbers are listed on the attached pdf.(Midleton AC you should have got an e mail from John Cashman if not e mail midletonac@ireland.com)  Please note your number.  When you arrive in Fota Wildlife Park, go to Race registration and collect your number.  There will be at least four registration desks.  If you can’t remember your number, there will be a Helpdesk and officials to assist you.

Wearing your Number.

Wear your number on the front!!  We need to see your number as you come in to the finish, so that we can identify you.


The start is near the Cheetah enclosure and the race will be heading in the direction that you will be approaching from, i.e. heading West, towards Cork.  We are introducing Time Zones this year, areas grouped according to estimated finishing time.  Please keep to a zone realistic to YOUR own level – starting too far up may lead to pushing, jostling and injuries.  If everything works smoothly, we will consider increasing the entry limit next year.  Your co-operation is appreciated.
Earphones are not permitted in Fota Wildlife Park at any time.

During the Race

If you are running at a pace of approx. 11 mins, or slower, you are likely to be overtaken, between 1 and 1.5 Miles, by the race leaders, coming in to the finish. If you are overtaken, please stay on the right hand side of the road, and obey stewards instructions, in the interests of safety, and so as not to impede others.

After you finish

You will be directed into one of two finishing chutes.  Please do not leave the chute, until the end, and do not change places.  This is an essential part of results recording and processing.  In the chute, your number will be recorded at least twice.  Please don’t try to engage the recorders in conversation – they’ll be frantically trying to take down everyone’s race numbers, in strict order, so diverting their attention.


Results will be available as soon as processed.  Presentation of Prizes will take place as soon as possible after the race finishes.   A copy of the results will be emailed to race entrants, probably on Friday morning.  A copy will also be posted on the Eagle AC website.