Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ladies Mini Marathon

Superb Run By Michelle Kenny

Over 10,000 runners took part in today's Mini Marathon raising over two million for local charities.The race was won in fine style by Lizzie Lee who also won last year and is in her wind down for the Berlin Marathon next weekend.
Our first lady home was Michelle Kenny who finished 6th overall with a superb run of 24.05. Michelle who has just finished a great track season under the diligent guidance of trainer Pat Walsh managed today to leave several of her track rivals standing. This was the highest finish for the club in some time .So very well done Michelle.

Several other runners from the club took part. I am sorry but far to many for me to mention in case I would be leaving anyone out.Well done all. It appears though that not as many members as usual took part.
 It looks also that the organizers have improved things a lot for this race by making a special Athletes Entrance where I was and it seemed to work much smoother than other years ( I am open to correction ). Avoiding the chaos of other years by giving the athletes a blue dot on their number which allowed them in the Athlete's Entrance.