Monday, 17 August 2015

This event involves several members of the club. Peter Gunning's son Cathal is one of the Midleton CBS students hoping to go to India but also this amazing band features the club's own Fergal O'Meara and if you think he is fast on the road (he is) you really have to see him running up and down the fingerboard of the guitar and then you will know what fast really is. An event well worth supporting and even if you cannot go please make a donation anyway . Danny

Message from Peter Gunning.

My son Cathal and Fergal O'Meara's nephew, Sean are traveling to India with the CBS in February on the school's immersion project where they will work in an orphanage. Friday night's event in the Mad Monk is a fundraiser. Fergal's band are well worth listening and there is no cover charge.. if you like what you hear you might be kind enough to make a donation!
Hope to see you there. Peter