Thursday, 7 January 2016

10 reasons why you should be in an Athletics club

1980 Olympic Marathon representative and Raheny Shamrock club treasurer Pat Hooper told us 10 reasons why you should join – and the value of – joining an athletics club. The race director of the Raheny 5, one of the best races on the road scene, gives his view on the benefits of being a member of a club.
10 Reasons why you should join an Athletics Club
1) Get the best out of yourself – You will only go so far outside the club system. There are no sub 2:40 men or 3 hours women marathoners who don’t run for clubs.
2) Comradeship and friendship. – you will gain more knowledge about the sport from your club mates than you will ever read in a coaching book.
3) Coaching – Most clubs have coaches.
4) Chance to try out all the events that make up the athletic family. Outside the club system you have little chance to compete in Track and Field, Cross Country and Relays.
5) Team Competitions. Most Races have team prizes in their events. You will have the added incentive of trying to score on your team.
6) Social life: most club’s have a good social scene and many people have met their partners there.
7) Give something back. Get involved in officiating and coaching it too can be very enjoyable and fulfilling.
8) Championships – you can only compete in County, Provincial and National Championships if you are a member. You won’t have any chance of going to the Olympic Games if you are not affiliated to a club.
9) Help improve and develop the sport. Every member has a democratic vote in the way the National Body and it subsidiaries run the sport.
10) As a member of a club you only get out of it what you put into it. For those of us who have been members for many years it is the best decision we ever made.