Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Emer Casey 10Km Next Sunday
For some reason this race never seems to get the support of the athletes it deserves. Yes there are always great crowds but its deserves more. There is no more worthy cause around and it is always one of the best organised events on the calendar. So please make a special effort and run,walk or just simply support the event. Danny

Here is some more info from the organisers...There’s a certain appeal to starting down the newline, with the wind in your sails, adrenaline flowing, running a 7min mile (when your normal pace is 8) and generally feeling like Usain Bolt! Then it’s down by the Youghal Lighthouse, past Green Park and under the Clock Tower – one of Youghal's most historic attractions. At this point, the crowds of supporters are in full voice and you can hear the echo of the runners feet as they race under the tower. A sea of club colours, the roar of the crowd, a swift loop of the town now its homeward bound back up the lighthouse hill. Magnificent views over Youghal Bay distract you through the pain barrier allowing you to finish in style at the front strand. The biggest question from here is whether to take a dip in the sea post finish line or to jump straight on the bus for a well deserved shower, cup of tea and post race analysis at Pobailscoil.


1) Every entrant will receive an Emer Casey 10k dry fit top.
2) All runners must be over 18.
All proceeds go towards the Emer Casey Foundation, a charity which helps fund cancer research.

Here is a small extract from their website which describes what the race and the fundraising is all about...
Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynaecological malignancy in the western world. The poor survival of ovarian cancer patients can be attributed to 1) lack of standardised screening test 2) late presentation of disease 3) high rate of recurrence 4) development of chemoresistance and 5) poorly understood disease biology.  
Family of woman who died from ovarian cancer donates ultrasound scanners in her memory..."TWO NEW MOBILE ultrasound scanners have been donated to St James’ Hospital to help combat against one of the most fatal cancers that can affect women. The scanners were donated to the hospital’s outpatient gynaecology department by the Emer Casey Foundation, in order the assist in the early detection of ovarian/uterine cancer in women."