Tuesday, 19 June 2018

UPCOMING RACES Dates For The Diary

This is one of the last of the classic races and well worth adding to your list of races. Always very well organised and despite the slogan "Take The Challenge" it is not half as tough as described. Well worth running just to be able to wear their top with pride. Danny

Graded Track and Field

Go On and Try It

Track Events: 100m, 1500m & 400m
Field Events: Long Jump, Shot & Discus Throw
Entry Fee:5 Euro per athlete (covers entry to all events)
A programme of 4 graded meetings is planned for male and female athletes, aged over 16 years in the year of competition (Note: Shot, Discus and Hammer are for athletes over 18). Track events will, if necessary, be divided into several separate races, based on performances. This may involve mixed gender races.
Entries will be taken on the evening of the Meet
Entry fee is €5 per meet, and covers all events
It is intended to have Electronic Timing at all meets

Guest Athletes
All registered Athletics Ireland athletes are eligible to take part in these Leagues. Guest athletes are very welcome, but MUST be Athletics Ireland registered, or, if from outside Ireland, must be members of another IAAF member Federation.

Track events may be divided into separate races on the basis of performance, or numbers participating.
Some races may be mixed male and female.
Club colours must be worn.
Entries will be taken, on the day, at the track, from approx. 7pm.
The entry fee per meeting is €5.
It is intended to have electronic timing at each meeting.
Throws - All athletes throw adult weights, except only ParaAthletes
Graded League Schedule 2018

Date Day Venue Time Events
25 June 2018 Monday CIT Track 7:15pm 100m 1500m 400m Long Jump Shot Discus
8:00pm 8:20pm 8:40pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 8:00pm

Just outside Killeagh