Thursday, 28 November 2019


Cut off voting time is 2pm Friday 29th November

We need your votes for Club Person Of The Year Immediately
In order to get the award engraved etc we need to get the votes in NOW PLEASE

Book Your Tickets

also we need numbers for the venue so please
 book your tickets asap

This year's Christmas party will take place on Saturday, 

December 7th at 8pm at Water Rock golf course.
We promise that it will be a night of fun, food and dancing so have your glad rags ready.
Tickets are on sale now and we would encourage club members to buy online as it more secure and much safer than dealing with cash at training.

Recognition Award

As you may know, the Club is planning to present a number of "recognition awards" to members at the Christmas party.
We are now inviting your nomination (just one name) for your proposed
"Club Person of the Year - 2019". The winner of this award will be the person receiving the most nominations from their fellow members. In making your decision, you might consider the person's:

* Participation in Club activities, both on and off the track

* Commitment to assisting with Club activities and events

* Promotion of positive Club environment and ethos

* General support for, and encouragement of, other members

* Other key qualities and contributions

Please send your nominations to