Thursday, 19 May 2022



 One door closes, another opens! Many years ago, Midleton AC established MIDLETON TOWN COUNCIL as a BHAA team ( with the enthusiastic permission of the then town clerk, Joe McCarthy) in order to facilitate club members who did not have access to their own work BHAA registered team. Down the years the successes have been phenomenal at category and team levels…..JUST CHECK THE BLOG! Many a loud cheer arose when MIDLETON TOWN COUNCIL were invited to the winner’s podium.


Some few years ago, MIDLETON TOWN COUNCIL as such was disbanded and replaced with the larger MIDLETON MUNICIPAL DISTRICT entity. Team Secretary Edmond O’Sullivan discussed this at the time with the town clerk and Midleton AC committee members and it was felt that there was no particular need to change the team name.  Familiarity etc.


ALL WAS WELL - the winning continued apace!!......UNTIL last week, when a formal complaint was lodged to the BHAA by Cork County Council BHAA Team members along the lines that MIDLETON TOWN COUNCIL no longer existed!! An element of pettiness has to be attributed to this complaint. BHAA executive are most apologetic about this development but obviously they have to act upon a formal complaint.


Therefore, with immediate effect, MIDLETON TOWN COUNCIL BHAA Team is no more and all registered MTC members are now to use the BRAND NEW team name 


when registering for all forthcoming races. We are a collection of Midleton AC members who are also members of a local artists collective.


So remember for your next race when you register you are saying MIDLETON COLLECTIVE and not MIDLETON TOWN COUNCIL.


Also, remember if you have a BHAA team at your work-place you cannot register with MIDLETON COLLECTIVE team. I think a few of you are in that situation which will be ok for the rest of this year but NOT from January onwards.


Ar aghaidh linn! 


Mise le meas,


Edmond O'Sullivan,