Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Can you assist??????

Hear is my info.

Name: Amanda Crotty
From: Youghal
Club: Leevale and Paralympics Ireland
Event: 800m/1500m
Achievements to date: Represented my country at the world paralympic games in Lyon 2013

My Story
I am a visually impaired who has a passion for athletics. I train full time 7days a week. I have being in athletics most of my youth but as i got older my sight got worse and i now need the aid of a running partner to run alongside me to be my eyes and to let me run with more confidence. I have very big ambitions in my athletic career. I have European champs coming up next year (2014) in Swansea, and with me ranked 4th in Europe i am excited and how this comp will go. Long term focus is on the next World Champs in 2015 and then all roads lead to Rio in 2016 for the Paralympic Games.

Hear is where your help comes in. I am looking for runners that can assist me in my running. All runners. Just even to run with me for 40/60min run. I would really like company for my long runs. I can run in my local field at home, but having assistance makes me run more relaxed. I do appeal to people that no you will not trip me up, and no i have not fallen (not much anyway). You do not have to be a fast track runner. I do understand that a lot of runners out there have there own training, and with myself getting better and better i am finding it hard for people to train with me and do there own. Even one day a week would be great our even if a group of friends could plan a rota between them.

Any help welcomed.

Typical Training Week
Monday: 30min easy/45 evening run steady
Tuesday: 30min tempo run (6.40 pace)
Wednesday: 30min morning/45 evening run
Thursday: Circuit
Friday: 30min tempo
Saturday: 30min morning run/45min evening run
Sunday: 90min Long run (7.30/8min pace)

I am willing to travel where the guide is once there is a safe place to run.

Contact: 02490067 our 0874120379 and email