Monday, 7 July 2014

2nd Midleton AC Summer Mile
Date: Thursday 10th July
Time: 8pm
Course: 1 mile; Start at the 2 mile mark, finish at the 1 mile mark of the Midleton 5 mile course.
The format is pretty simple, same as last month. We can meet at 7.30pm at the 1 mile mark, plenty of space to leave your car, bike, water bottles etc. do a good warm-up run to the 2 mile mark or further and do some stretching. We will run on the left half of the road with one car behind and one car/bike in front. This actually worked pretty well the last time and there was no hassle with traffic.
This will be an unofficial, self-timing race, we can call it a training run for club members members to keep numbers under control; last month’s race had 7 runners. We also invite our local friends from East Cork AC to keep the competition alive