Thursday, 10 July 2014


Bere Island 5Km and 10kM

                                                            Several of our members went to Bere Island on Sat 12th to take part in what is becoming a very popular event on the Island. Some of them have family connections to the Island which makes it more interesting. The group that did the 5Km were Sarah Bermingham ,Helen Kenny, Paula O'Sullivan and Fiona Maguire. Whilst Martha and Michael McNamara did the 10Km doing fine times over this very uphill course. Martha did 51 min and Michael 54min. Well done all on what sounds a fantastic day out. Maybe we could think about it as a club day out for next year ?,

Helen, Sarah, Fiona and Paula on the island.

Graded Track and Field

Daniel Colbert again came 1st in the 400M in the Graded Track and Field League in the CIT  Thur. evening whilst Aideen Hallihan came first in both the Shot and Discus.Full results and tables available here,

Good Luck

                                                                                Best Of Luck to everyone running this weekend especially those doing the Bere Island Runs on Saturday including Michael McNamara, Martha McNamara, Sarah Bermingham, Helen Kenny, Paula O'Sullivan and crew also to those doing the Fit Magazine 5Km and 10Km (vastly overpriced) races in the Marina on Sunday.

Fermoy Aquathlon

                                          There was a swim/run (aquathlon) in Fermoy, with a 750m swim in the Blackwater followed by a 6 km run on Wed evening. Sally Drennan Ladies Captain was 2nd woman in a time of 40.52. Club members Susan Fitzgerald and Andre Brodkorb also took part.

Youghal 4Mile

                                                     This race took place on Thur night over the streets of Youghal with a three loop circuit. We as usual these days had a fine crew there all of whom had great runs. Paul Spiteri had a fantastic run (23.42) showing the results of his speed work taking off with 300 Mtrs to go and passing at least two or three in the process. He was followed by an equally good run by Eugene McCarthy in 23.46 who got 3rd O/40 prize. Next Came Don Ryan in 24,48 followed by close together Brian Cott and John Cashman 3rd O/50 then two seconds later came Mike Cremin and Dave Moloney also with fine runs. Neilus Aherne came home in 25.59 and got 2nd O/55. Kris Dowdall, Derek Ahern and Kevin Moran also had fine runs. Whilst Brendan Barry and Kevin Cooney finished close together in just over 30mins Its great to see Kevin Back after a long spell of injury. Brian Cott had a really great run getting a new PB by almost 30secs.

 Midleton AC group
 Eugene McCarthy 3rd O/40

Joan McCarthy 1st O/55
 John and Neilus showing their delight when the realised the presenter of prizes had changed

 John Cashman 3rd O/50
 Neilus Aherne 2nd O/55 (The two best looking Physio's in East Cork)
Esther Murphy 3rd O/40

                                                      Our first lady home was Esther Murphy who took 3rd O/40 she was followed by Susan Fitzgerald with a great run especially considering she did the Aquatalon in Fermoy the previous night. Joy Sexton , Sinead Ivers and Amanda Stavrou also had good runs as has Emer O'Doherty who managed to break the 36 for the first time. Joan Mc Carthy (Ist O/55) and Fiona Maguire also had good runs. The race was very well organised with excellent prizes and lots of Spot Prizes.

Finishers in the Midleton AC team.                                                                                      Pace     Race   Race

Place    Time    Name                                           Team                                  Race Age Category    min/mile    No    Place

      1   0:23:42  SPITERI, Paul                                 Midleton AC                         M                            05:55.4     136      12

      2   0:23:46  MCCARTHY, Eugene                         Midleton AC                         M40                         05:56.4       44      14

      3   0:24:58  RYAN, Don                                    Midleton AC                         M40                         06:14.4       87      27

      4   0:25:09  COTT, Brian                                   Midleton AC                         M                            06:17.1     107      31

      5   0:25:10  CASHMAN, John                             Midleton AC                         M50                         06:17.4       86      32

      6   0:25:27  CREMIN, Mike                                Midleton AC                         M                            06:21.6     135      34

      7   0:25:29  MOLONEY, Dave                             Midleton AC                         M                            06:22.1     208      35

      8   0:25:59  AHERNE, Neilus                              Midleton AC                         M55                         06:29.6     180      40

      9   0:27:17  O'NEILL, Phillip                               Midleton AC                         M                            06:49.1     197      57

     10   0:27:27  MURPHY, Esther                             Midleton AC                         F40                          06:51.6       56      61

     11   0:27:30  DOWDALL, Kris                              Midleton AC                         M40                         06:52.4     169      62

     12   0:27:39  AHERN, Derek                                Midleton AC                         M                            06:54.6     156      65

     13   0:28:56  MORAN, Kevin                                Midleton AC                         M45                         07:13.9       71      79

     14   0:30:22  BARRY, Brendan                             Midleton AC                         M50                         07:35.4       68     107

     15   0:30:25  COONEY, Kevin                               Midleton AC                         M50                         07:36.1     146     108         

     16   0:32:33  FITZGERALD, Susan                         Midleton AC                         F40                          08:08.1     209     136

     17   0:34:06  SEXTON, Joy                                  Midleton AC                         F                             08:31.4     113     148

     18   0:34:16  IVERS, Sinead                                Midleton AC                         F                             08:33.9     206     152

     19   0:34:23  STAVROU, Amanda                          Midleton AC                         F50                          08:35.6     145     154

     20   0:35:23  O'DOHERTY, Emer                           Midleton AC                         F                             08:50.6     166     164

     21   0:35:24  MCCARTHY, Danny                          Midleton AC                         M60                         08:50.9       47     165

     22   0:39:34  MCCARTHY, Joan                            Midleton AC                         F55                          09:53.4     138     204

     23   0:40:31  MAGUIRE, Fiona                             Midleton AC                         F40                          10:07.6     167     207


There were 23 finishers in the Midleton AC team.


12-Jul Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Macroom) - Free race 5k Macroom Voluntary No No ???
12-Jul Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Clonakilty) - Free race 5k Clonakilty Voluntary No No ???
12-Jul Sat 13:00 Bere Island Midsummer 10k 10k Bere Island Community No Yes BB
12-Jul Sat 13:00 Bere Island Midsummer 5k 5k Bere Island Community No Yes BB
13-Jul Sun 09:00 Fit Magazine 10k 10k Cork Commercial No Yes JQ
13-Jul Sun 09:15 Fit Magazine 5k 5k Cork Commercial No Yes JQ
15-Jul Tues 20:00 Streets of Fermoy 5km 5k Fermoy Community No Yes DF
16-Jul Wed 20:00 Barryscourt 5k 5k Barryscourt, Carrigtwohill East Cork AC No Yes JW
18-Jul Fri 20:00 Donoughmore 7 7M Donoughmore Donoughmore AC No Yes JW
18-Jul Fri 18:45 Fanahan McSweeny Open Sports Vars Araglin Fanahan McSweeny AC No Yes Sports
19-Jul Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Macroom) - Free race 5k Macroom Voluntary No No ???
19-Jul Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Clonakilty) - Free race 5k Clonakilty Voluntary No No ???