Thursday, 3 July 2014



                            History was made this Sunday morning on the track in the CIT
where Midleton AC’s Daniel Colbert WON the National U23 400H Championships. This is something never before done in the club even in the days of the greats..

                                                    Daniel ran a fantastic race where he led from start to finish recovering very quickly from a slight mishap coming to the last hurdle he never faltered and came home a clear winner. This young man continues to improve with every race and it is wonderful to see his hard work and dedication paying off. It was a fantastic morning in the CIT to be able to stand there and cheer home a NATIONAL CHAMPION from Midleton AC’s senior section. Well done Daniel your club is truly proud of you.

 Heading down to the start line.
 On the start line
 Flying home to victory
 With his proud father Edmond
With a few of his supporters.

National U23 Championships At CIT

Don't forget the National U23 Championships take place in the CIT tomorrow Sunday 6th July where Midleton ACs Daniel Colbert is running in the 400H. If you cannot make it you can watch it live at

Message from Mallow Athletic Club

First of all on behalf of Mallow AC I would like to apologise for the unacceptable delay in delivering the T-Shirts that you were promised when the technical T-shirts were not supplied for our race.

 At the time we were told by the supplier that they would manufacture and distribute the new t-shirts on our behalf. 

This promise was not kept and we have found it difficult to get information as to the status of the t-shirts and the expected delivery dates. 

We were being continually assured that the T-shirts were to be delivered in the next few days, and as it was out of our hands we took these updates at face value.Some T-Shirts were delivered but as yet we don’t know who has received them, but again we have been assured that all remaining T-shirts will be delivered next week. 

All we can do is guarantee that we will get t-shirts to all finishers however long it takes and apologise again for the delay.

Thanks for your understanding
Denis Sheehan
Mallow AC

Corkbeg 4 Mile (Whitegate)

                                                       Thursday night saw some great running again from all our members including several PBs Rayleen Dolphin, Laura Kelleher and Bernie Twomey amongst them whilst Louise Barry managed to knock 10secs of her Ballintotis time and also get a PB. Our first man home was Emmet Ronan who despite not getting a PB had a fine run and took 1st O/40 prize.
Our first lady home was again Helen Gilroy who was well pleased with her run despite having led all the way was just pipped on the line ( 3secs) and came 2nd overall. Well done Helen. Eileen Leahy also had a great run and took 1st Jnr in a great time of 27.16. 
We had several placed athletes who didn't get prizes but one can't complain as the entry fee was low and its for a good cause.
The barbecue after was superb as always and great value as well as lending a lovely atmosphere to the whole event.

Other prize winners were

Esther Murphy 2nd O/40
Eileen Leahy 1st Jnr
Ladies enjoying the afters,
Helen Gilroy receiving her prize 2nd Lady Overall.

Esther Murphy 2nd Lady O/40

Eileen Leahy receiving 1st Jun.prize.
Beauties and the beast,


Finishers in the Midleton AC team.                                                                                      Pace     Race   Race

Place    Time    Name                                           Team                                  Race Age Category    min/mile    No    Place
1           0:23:37   RONAN, Emmet     Midleton AC         M40       05:54.1   495        8
2        0:24:53   CREMIN, Mike      Midleton AC         M          06:13.1   165        17

     3   0:25:07  CASHMAN, John                             Midleton AC                         M50                         06:16.6     292      19

      4   0:25:30  GILROY, Helen                               Midleton AC                         F45                          06:22.4     155      23

      5   0:25:40  KELLY, Alan                                   Midleton AC                         M40                         06:24.9     708      25

      6   0:25:45  MOLONEY, Dave                             Midleton AC                         M                            06:26.1     551      26

      7   0:26:10  O'DWYER, Barry                              Midleton AC                         M40                         06:32.4     289      32

      8   0:26:58  MCCAUGHLEY, John                        Midleton AC                         M40                         06:44.4     145      38

      9   0:27:03  HALLAHAN, Mike                            Midleton AC                         M45                         06:45.6     607      40

     10   0:27:16  LEAHY, Eileen                                 Midleton AC                         FJ                            06:48.9     339      45

     11   0:28:46  MURPHY, Esther                             Midleton AC                         F40                          07:11.4     291      54

     12   0:29:09  BARRY, Louise                               Midleton AC                         F                             07:17.1     297      57

     13   0:29:27  CULLEN, Mark                                Midleton AC                         M45                         07:21.6     735      63

     14   0:29:39  MCMURTRY, James                          Midleton AC                         M45                         07:24.6     499      65

     15   0:29:48  SANTRY, Lorna                               Midleton AC                         F                             07:26.9     149      67

     16   0:30:05  DOLPHIN, Rayleen                          Midleton AC                         F                             07:31.1     494      71

     17   0:30:06  O'CONNELL, Donie                          Midleton AC                         M55                         07:31.4     309      72

     18   0:30:19  FITZGERALD, Simon                         Midleton AC                         M40                         07:34.6     761      77

     19   0:30:27  BARRY, Colette                               Midleton AC                         F                             07:36.6     298      80

     20   0:30:28  BARRY, Brendan                             Midleton AC                         M50                         07:36.9     545      81

     21   0:30:40  TWOMEY, Bernie                             Midleton AC                         F40                          07:39.9     310      84

     22   0:30:55  AHERNE, Neilus                              Midleton AC                         M55                         07:43.6     497      87

     23   0:32:32  MORLEY, Alan                                Midleton AC                         M40                         08:07.9     759      97

     24   0:34:06  KELLEHER, Alan                              Midleton AC                         M50                         08:31.4     273     103

     25   0:34:06  CREEDON, Lana                              Midleton AC                         F                             08:31.4     305     104

     26   0:35:20  STAVROU, Amanda                          Midleton AC                         F50                          08:49.9     288     107

     27   0:36:57  O'DOHERTY, Emer                           Midleton AC                         F                             09:14.1     345     108

     28   0:37:06  DALTON, Colette                            Midleton AC                         F                             09:16.4     163     109

     29   0:38:27  KELLEHER, Laura                            Midleton AC                         F                             09:36.6     274     110

     30   0:38:28  MCCARTHY, Danny                          Midleton AC                         M55                         09:36.9     277     111

     31   0:39:46  MCCARTHY, Joan                            Midleton AC                         F50                          09:56.4     275     118

     32   0:40:19  MAGUIRE, Fiona                             Midleton AC                         F                             10:04.6     346     121


There were 32 finishers in the Midleton AC team.

Ring Of Kerry

Best of luck to all our members doing this cycle on Saturday and may you all come home safe and uninjured,


04-Jul 20:00 Ballinascarthy 10k 10k Ballinascarthy Club No Yes JW
05-Jul 09:30 Parkrun (Macroom) - Free race 5k Macroom Voluntary No No ???
05-Jul 09:30 Parkrun (Clonakilty) - Free race 5k Clonakilty Voluntary No No ???
06-Jul 10:00 Clonakilty 4 4M Castlefreke Woods, Rathbarry, Clonakilty Club No Yes MH
06-Jul AAI Juvenile & Under 23 T&F Chps Vars CIT AAI Yes AAI Track
08-Jul 17:30 62nd Cork City Sports Vars CIT Track Sports No Yes Track
09-Jul 20:00 IPS-Garda 5k 5k Ringaskiddy BHAA No BHAA KC
Thur, 10-Jul 20:00 Youghal 4 4M Youghal Club No Yes JW
10-Jul 19:30 Cork AAI T&F League - Round 5 Vars CIT Track AAI No AAI N/A
11-Jul 19:00 West Cork Board Confined T&F League - Rd 2 Vars Dunmanway AAI No AAI Sports
12-Jul 09:30 Parkrun (Macroom) - Free race 5k Macroom Voluntary No No ???
12-Jul 09:30 Parkrun (Clonakilty) - Free race 5k Clonakilty Voluntary No No ???
12-Jul 13:00 Bere Island Midsummer 10k 10k Bere Island Community No Yes BB
12-Jul 13:00 Bere Island Midsummer 5k 5k Bere Island Community No Yes BB
13-Jul 10:00 Fit Magazine 10k 10k Cork Commercial No Pending JQ
13-Jul 10:00 Fit Magazine 5k 5k Cork Commercial No Pending JQ
15-Jul 20:00 Streets of Fermoy 5km 5k Fermoy Community No Yes DF

16-Jul 20:00 Barryscourt 5k 5k Barryscourt, Carrigtwohill East Cork AC No Yes JW
18-Jul 20:00 Donoughmore 7 7M Donoughmore Donoughmore AC No Yes JW

Carrigtwohill 5Km TRAINING RUN

This race is on 16th July a group will be running the course on  next Sat. morning at 10am meeting at Barryscourt Castle. Anyone wishing to join in are welcome.
Medium pace. Just turn up on the day.

Good Luck Daniel

Wishing the very best of luck to Daniel Colbert who will be running in the National U23 Championships in the CIT at the weekend. Please go and support and see some serious athletics and watch Daniel bring home a national medal.