Wednesday, 10 June 2015

In case you missed training last night, a message from club member André Brodkorb follows: 

"We will have a timed mile as part of our Monday training session. The format is simple: 
• warm up, 3 to 4 groups run exactly 1 mile (hopefully measured by then), Donie will build a training session around this; warm-down 
• Venue: Cricket field 
• Date and time: 
Monday 15th June 
Monday 13th July 
Monday 10th August 
all as part of the Monday training session 6pm 
• Combined times of two best races - there will be prizes ;-) hopefully from some generous donors, (otherwise we may collect a modest "fee" from participants … we’ll see) 
• No pressure, treat it as an indicator of where you are right now or even just training; no hard feelings if you don’t participate 

Rod, Danny and myself have been talking about this for a while so it is "in progress", more info to come