Monday, 29 June 2015


The Galtee Crossing report Andre Brodkorb

Myself, Barry Williams, John and Mike Hallahan had the most enjoyable race/long run on Sunday. The 31km Galtee Crossing from the gentle slopes on the Cahir side to high mountains of Galteebeg, Galteemore and Templehill on the Western edge, 1500m climb all together. After Saturday’s prospect of yet another bad weather race, conditions on Sunday were  perfect. Mild temperatures, blue sky, crystal clear panoramic views, a good Irish breeze and beautiful mountains, all of which reminded me why I LOVE running.

Slow start, steady climb for 9 miles, even time for a giddy selfie, 4:16h for myself and 5:20h for Barry - a good long Sunday run …

Here is another shot of the Fota 8km Trail Run.
And don't forget coming next week.