Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Dublin Marathon 2016 - Update

Critical Information for Athletics Ireland Registered Cork Clubs

Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship 2016

Dublin, Sunday October 30th 2016
 Dublin Marathon logo 2016

Cork Athletics Club Registrations

In the past few days, Cork Athletics was informed that some Registered Athletics Ireland Clubs, under Cork Athletics County Board, have had difficulty in registering their members and/or teams for the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship, which is incorporated in the Dublin Marathon.

It is understood that some the newer clubs, even those registered several years ago, were unable to register, as their club did not appear in the entry system.  Cork Athletics has been in touch with the Dublin Marathon office and has supplied them with a list of registered Cork clubs.  It is also understood that Athletics Ireland is to supply Dublin Marathon office with an updated club listing.  The Dublin Marathon is organised by Dublin BHAA, consequently, for data protection reasons, it is not possible for Dublin Marathon office to access the Athletics Ireland registration database.

A list of registered Athletics Ireland Clubs under the auspices of Cork Athletics can be found on the Cork Athletics website.
NOTE: Please be aware that the listing on the Cork Athletics website includes one or more clubs whose registrations are NOT up to date.

Dublin Marathon 2016 - Entry Closing Information

The official closing date for Marathon entries, INCLUDING the Athletics Ireland National Marathon, is Saturday October 1st 2016....HOWEVER "Closing date 17:00 hrs on Saturday October 1 (Earlier if race limit has been reached)"
The entry limit of 14,000 has already been exceeded and has been reset to 16,000.  Entries are coming in very rapidly, so the 16,000 limit is likely to be reached in the next few weeks, at most.  

This year's route has been changed, due to ongoing Luas works in Dublin.  One of the consequences of the route changes is a number of tight turns and narrow streets.  As a further consequence, on safety grounds, the current 16,000 limit is unlikely to be further extended.

So....Don't be disappointed! Ensure that you are entered for the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championship.
Lads and Ladies make sure you enter correctly with Club etc as we have often won national prizes at this event and we are still the only club in Ireland to have mother and daughter win medals in the same National Championships.