Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Trail Running Week 2

Trail running week 2 out of 8 tomorrow evening Thursday @ 6.30 pm Walshtown Woods (6 mls. outside Midleton).

Head out past East Cork Golf Club you come to a V in the road take the right hand side up a hill you some to a crossroad go straight through. The woods are about a mile up the road. There was a great crowd there last week and for others training continues as normal.
Training as usual on Wednesday evening at 6.30 at the Co Op main entrance also on Thursday at 9pm same venue under the guidance of Edmond O'Sullivan.

Monday as usual at 6pm in the Cricket Field under the guidance of Donie as always. It is always better to do your speedwork on grass to help avoid injury.

New members always welcome. Just turn up or call 08724039