Thursday, 29 August 2019


TRAINING Will be in Market Green on Monday evening @ 6pm

John Buckley 10 Mile and Cork County 10 Mile Championships

Some of our crew racing on Saturday evening. Early results show Sheila Buckley 1st O/35 and also 1st O/35 in Cork County Championships whilst Esther Murphy appears 2nd in Cork County Championships.
 Cork County 10 Mile Championships were held as part of this race but confined to members of Athletic Ireland athletic clubs and not unregistered individuals or Private running clubs. 
Our first man home was Brendan Curtin in 67.47 followed by Dave Cody in 70.56 whilst Esther Murphy was our first lady home followed by Sheila Buckley. Well done to all our crew that ran.More details to follow.

C2 5K +

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This programme has proved hugely successful over the years and many of our leading runners have started here.

Why run alone when you can run safer in company.

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Avoid injury with correctly scheduled  personalised training programmes.
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Both male and female qualified and experienced coaches.
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This years we are starting sessions for those that want to improve their running. For those that are already running 5K and over we are developing a programme to help you run further and faster and remain injury free. You will be given a personalised programme to help you progress at your own rate to the  level you aspire to.Danny

Trip Away
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