Thursday, 21 May 2015


Pre Registration for Ballyandreen

As you all will be aware the Ballycotton Summer Series kicks off with Ballyandreen 5 Mile next Thur. evening so we have arranged to have Pre Reg. available at training next Monday evening from 5.45 -- 6.15 so that members going to training can avail of it plus anyone else that wants..
We will also have it next Wednesday from 6 --7  at the Community Centre. This is open to all so please pass the word around. Entry fee is 5 Euro. Please bring the correct amount if possible. Danny

Tri Athlon News

Well done done to Don and Rose Ryan who in Don's words "First Triathlon in Lough Cutra Done and Dusted!"

Noel O'Regan and John Carey were there also for the " cold water therapy"  with Noel doing 2.37 and John 2.45. (They were too cold for photographs ) Well done everyone.

Emer Casey 10 Km Youghal

                                         The Emer Casey 10Km took place in Youghal on Sunday and there was a fine crowd there. We as always had a good number from the club there. There was some great running from Tim Hannon who running injury free at last knocked over 2 mins off his PB and several others got PBs as well.Aoife Fouhy was one of those knocking over two mins off her PBas well. It was not an easy day for running with the heat and those that know Youghal know that Main Street can very hot and humid on a day like today.
What never ceases to amaze me is that in having run the race since it started that there is not a greater number of runners running it. There are good numbers but not that many club runners. It is so very well organised and such a worthy cause one would think that it would be better supported by runners and I mean from all clubs not just ours.
Then again the time of day its on does not suit everyone and also its only a week before the marathon but without a doubt it is one of the best races around and deserves more support. Well done to everyone who ran .

The Emer Casey Foundation

                                                                                                          9th EMER CASEY MEMORIAL '10K'

                                                                                                                           Sunday 24 May 2015. 1:30pm



Finishers in the Midleton AC team.                                                                                                                   Pace       Race    Race

Place     Time     Name                                                         Team                                             Race Age Category     min/mile     No     Place

        1    0:41:42  HANNON, Tim                                           Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:42.5       438        45

        2    0:43:06  O'SULLIVAN, Sean                                    Midleton AC                                 M45                                  06:56.0       184        65

        3    0:44:36  KIERANS, Paul                                          Midleton AC                                 M45                                  07:10.5       403        75

        4    0:46:40  FOUHY, Aoife                                           Midleton AC                                 F                                       07:30.5       473      102

        5    0:47:59  PERRY, Anne-Marie                                   Midleton AC                                 F40                                   07:43.2       314      128

        6    0:48:11  O'KEEFFE, Mary                                        Midleton AC                                 F45                                   07:45.1       227      133

        7    0:52:20  DORGAN, Niamh                                      Midleton AC                                 F40                                   08:25.2         72      191

        8    0:53:57  STAVROU, Amanda                                  Midleton AC                                 F50                                   08:40.8         49      223

      9    0:58:43  COEN, Asling                                            Midleton AC                                 F                                       09:26.8       118      292

      10    0:59:44  BARRY, Margaret                                      Midleton AC                                 F55                                   09:36.6       313      304

      11    1:04:41  KIERANS, Sile                                           Midleton AC                                 F45                                   10:24.4       402      347

      12    1:05:50  BULMAN, Sheila                                       Midleton AC                                 F45                                   10:35.5         29      360


There were 12 finishers in the Midleton AC team.


 Too fast for the camera Anne Marie.

Kilcredan 5Km

Thanks Margaret Jones for the photo.

 Kilcredan 5km took place Friday evening and was an ideal evening for running. We had a large crowd there from the club and everyone ran really well with several PBs to hand including Fionan O'hAodain, Morgan O'Regan and more to follow. The only disappointment of the night was the great delay with the results at ten thirty leaving there were no official Ladies results out but I wish to stress this was not the fault of the Kilcredan Community who gave us a fantastic evening but of Precision Timing hopefully we will have them in the morning.
What we have so far is Margaret Jones 1st O/45 and 4th Lady overall. Joan McCarthy2nd O/55, Kathleen O'Connell 1st O/60, Margaret Barry 1st O/65
The men who got prizes were Noel O'Regan 1st O/45, John Cashman 2nd O/50, Danny McCarthy 3rd O/60 and Donie O'Connell 1st O/65.

More results

There appears to be several misspellings etc in these .If you want it corrected please contact Precision Timing direct.

Thanks to Louise Barry for all the action photographs.


A choice of two local races this weekend both great races and very good causes.