Monday, 26 May 2014

From  Monday 26th, we will be moving the speedwork training to Midleton College Cricket Field. This is situated at the back of Midleton Hospital and has a very good surface . There is also loads of space there to run around if you want an easy session. Time still the same 6.30pm

This is open to all our members at whatever level. If you want to improve you need to do speed work and it is always better not to do it on the road all the time as this can lead to injury.

There will be new special session for 8-9 min (or slightly above or below) milers which will be taken by John Dunphy so if you really want to improve here is your chance. There is no better pacer around than John as can be seen from the demand on his services by race organisers.
Our usual trainers, Noel, Edmond & Danny will continue to cater for other groups at the various levels.  We are also delighted to have Jim McMurtry (club president and former international athlete) involved in setting the sessions.
Directions: park behind Supervalu/opposite Midleton Hospital, then with your back to the hospital, go right and take the right hand turn at the "Detour" sign - it's only a 2 min jog from there.  
If you have any problem finding the place give me a call on 087-2403940.