Friday, 16 May 2014


Streets Of Fermoy 5Km
Report just in on this race where over a tough hilly course which suited him Andre Brodkorb finished 5Th overall and took 2nd O/40 prize. He finished around 18.30 getting a new PB and running his first 6min mile race. Brilliant going Andre well done

Pre Reg. For Ballyandreen Tuesday Evening

The club has arranged that pre reg. for Ballyandreen will be available on Tue. evening from 6pm--7pm at the Community Centre. This is open to everyone and we invite our friends from Ballintotis and Carrigtwohill to avail of it also.
Please pass the word around as not only will it be a big help to yourself but also to the organisers of the race. You can register as many as you want once you have their dates of births if they are new runners. Entry Fee 5 Euro Please try and have it exact if possible

Emer Casey 10 Km

                                                                   Even the weather was on our side today as the rain stopped shortly before the race began enabling people to warm up in comfort before this amazing event. It was great to see so many Midleton AC faces here today including many who never did this race before and I know many came to support club member Vicki Cleary.
Vicki who is sponsored in her position as Gynaecological Liaison Nurse in the CUH by the Emer Casey Foundation made a stunning speech outlining the amazing work she is involved in . I have heard every speech since this race began and Vicki really outlined the importance of supporting this race more than ever.
Most people I spoke to seemed very happy with their runs but there were one or two disappointed but everyone has their bad days. Our first man home having a great run was Emmet Ronan and he was followed by Noel O'Regan and Mike Dolphin. Our first Three ladies were Anna Doris, Margaret Jones and Breda Sheedy. Several people got PBs including Christopher McCarthy who knocked almost a minute off last years time. Our prize winners were

Emmet Ronan 2nd O/40
Noel O'Regan 1st O/45

Anna Doris 1st O/40
Margaret Jones 1st O/45

Vicki Cleary making her speech.

(Note Emmet Ronan photo is missing as he had left before the prize giving)

                                                                The race was very well organised and well stewarded and everyone seemed very happy with the new course. My only criticism is that the ladies prizes stopped at 1st O/50 whilst the men's continued until O/65. This in this day and age is very unfair especially considering when this race is in memory of a wonderful young woman and is supported by so many women of all ages. Surely a few of the many spot prizes could have been given as category prizes and equalled out the men and women.


                                                                                                          8th EMER CASEY MEMORIAL '10K'



Finishers in the Midleton AC team.                                                                                                                   Pace       Race    Race

Place     Time     Name                                                         Team                                             Race Age Category     min/mile     No     Place

        1    0:36:30  RONAN, Emmet                                        Midleton AC                                 M40                                  05:52.3     1015        14

        2    0:36:45  O'REGAN, Noel                                         Midleton AC                                 M45                                  05:54.7     1093        18

        3    0:36:55  DOLPHIN, Michael                                    Midleton AC                                 M                                      05:56.3     1020        21

        4    0:39:28  O'SULLIVAN, Sean                                    Midleton AC                                 M40                                  06:21.0       731        42

        5    0:39:42  CASHMAN, John                                       Midleton AC                                 M45                                  06:23.2     1149        49

        6    0:40:06  DORIS, Anna                                             Midleton AC                                 F40                                   06:27.1     1103        57

        7    0:41:31  JONES, Margaret                                      Midleton AC                                 F45                                   06:40.8       972        76

        8    0:42:31  MCCARTHY, Christopher                         Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:50.4     1014        91

        9    0:43:43  GEARY, Paul                                              Midleton AC                                 M                                      07:02.0     1046      117

      10    0:44:58  WALSH, Pat                                               Midleton AC                                 M50                                  07:14.1       998      144

      11    0:45:14  SHEEDY, Breeda                                       Midleton AC                                 F45                                   07:16.6     1076      151

      12    0:45:44  KIERANS, Paul                                          Midleton AC                                 M45                                  07:21.5       978      161

      13    0:45:48  BARRY, Louise                                          Midleton AC                                 F                                       07:22.1       892      162

      14    0:47:23  DORGAN, Niamh                                      Midleton AC                                 F40                                   07:37.4       747      198

      15    0:47:46  HICKEY, Denise                                        Midleton AC                                 F40                                   07:41.1     1150      208

      16    0:48:50  TWOMEY, Bernie                                       Midleton AC                                 F40                                   07:51.4       893      234

      17    0:48:55  SANTRY, Lorna                                         Midleton AC                                 F                                       07:52.2     1121      238

      18    0:48:58  BARRY, Brendan                                       Midleton AC                                 M50                                  07:52.7       673      240

      19    0:49:43  O'KEEFFE, Mary                                        Midleton AC                                 F45                                   07:59.9       947      257

      20    0:50:45  BRANSFIELD, Gillian                                Midleton AC                                 F                                       08:09.9     1061      283

      21    0:50:46  JONES, Aoife                                            Midleton AC                                 F                                       08:10.1       994      284

      22    0:50:46  DOLPHIN, Rayleen                                   Midleton AC                                 F                                       08:10.1     1021      285

      23    0:52:46  BALDWIN, Ciara                                       Midleton AC                                 F                                       08:29.4       679      324

      24    1:00:29  MCCARTHY, Joan                                     Midleton AC                                 F50                                   09:43.9     1034      473

      25    1:00:30  MCCARTHY, Danny                                   Midleton AC                                 M60                                  09:44.0     1035      474

      26    1:00:50  WALSH, Laurie                                          Midleton AC                                 F50                                   09:47.2       999      478


There were 26 finishers in the Midleton AC team.



From TRI n RUN

Emer Casey 10K - less than 24hr Ladies and Gents. On the weather front, Sunday will start wet but a clearance to showers will follow, warm bright spells between showers and temperatures a bit cooler than recently. Good day of registrations today, but expecting a super turnout tomorrow. For everyone reading this post and who’s undecided about running tomorrow, when you get up in the morning and youspot showers and decide no, I implore you to think again. Why?
You know where the money is going, it’s not into the black hole of someone’s pension, the monies raised go towards research but even more important the Emer Casey Foundation sponsored the position of Gynaecological Oncology Liaison Nurse in CUH last year. Vicki Cleary, a Midleton gal and member of Midleton AC holds this position and does an amazing job being a support and a wealth of information for women and families of these women diagnosed with cancer.

Pray to God you never need their help, but in the event you do, the support and resource is there. So rain, hail or shine, lace up the shoes, get onto the N25 and come to Youghal tomorrow for the Emer Casey 10K (walk it or run it). Registration 10-1pm, race off @ 1.30pm sharp. 
Laura Devereaux (my niece), I’m running this for you!

(Well said as always Steve)

Dunphy On The Run

                                                                                       Macroom Park Run celebrated its 1st birthday today and John Dunphy celebrated 22 Park Runs within the year also. John did 19.05 today and described it as the hardest 5Km course he ever ran but an absolutely brilliant course for training on as it makes you faster on the flat ones. Looking at John's recent times and PBs this is obviously true. Well done John.

This is again a busy weekend for our members with Park Runs in Macroom and Clonakilty but the big one in the Emer Casey 10Km in Youghal. This race is really deserving of your support not just that it is a very worthy cause or that the club's own Vicky Cleary is involved in the organisation it is also a brilliantly well organised race.
This year there is also a new course which looks much faster so anyone looking for a new PB should avail of the opportunity.
More details of the foundation are available here

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS RACE even if you cant run you can walk and even bring the kids.
Also the County Masters Track n Field are on Sunday in CIT.


17-May Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Macroom) - Free race 5k Macroom Voluntary No No ???
17-May Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Clonakilty) - Free race 5k Clonakilty Voluntary No No ???
17-May Sat 09:30 Munster Schools T&F Chps Vars CIT Assoc Yes Yes
18-May Sun 13:30 Emer Casey 10k  Youghal Club No Yes JW
18-May Sun 13:00 Coursey's Open Sports Vars Ballinaspittle Club No Yes N/A
18-May Sun Co Masters T&F Chps Vars CIT AAI Yes Yes Track
18-May Sun AAI National T&F Leagues - Round 1 Vars AAI Yes Yes Track
22-May Thurs 20:00 Ballyandreen 5 5M Ballyandreen Club No Yes JW
24-May Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Macroom) - Free race 5k Macroom Voluntary No No ???
24-May Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Clonakilty) - Free race 5k Clonakilty Voluntary No No ???
25-May Sun Banteer 5k 5k Banteer Club No No ???
25-May Sun Cork County Juvenile 'B' T&F and Relay Chps Vars CIT AAI Yes AAI Track
25-May Sun 11:00 West Cork Run 10M Kilnamartra Community No ??? ???
27-May Tues 20:00 John Buckley 5k 5k Marina Circuit BHAA No BHAA KC
28-May Wed Kinneigh Round Tower 10k 10k Ballineen Club No Yes JQ
28-May Wed 19:30 Cork AAI T&F League - Round 2 Vars CIT Track AAI No AAI Track
29-May Fri Old Abbey 4M 5k Goggin's Hill, Ballinhassig Club No Yes PK
30-May Fri 20:00 Doneraile Park 5k Series - Race 4 5k Doneraile Club No ???
30-May Fri 20:00 Kilcredan 5k 5k Kilcredane, Youghal Voluntary No Yes JW
31-May Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Macroom) - Free race 5k Macroom Voluntary No No ???
31-May Sat 09:30 Parkrun (Clonakilty) - Free race 5k Clonakilty Voluntary No No ???
02-Jun Mon 09:00 Cork City Marathon Mar Cork Council No Yes JQ
02-Jun Mon 09:00 Cork City Marathon Relay Relay Cork Council No Yes JQ
02-Jun Mon 10:30 Cork City Half Marathon HM Cork Council No Yes JQ